In 2004, the idea for AlertPay was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada because of the rapid growth of affiliate marketing businesses.  A year was devoted for research and development for online payment processing system that provided businesses a safe, secure and efficient solution.

In 2005, the processing online payments began.  Launching a solution for business accounts didn’t stop there.  Their service offering are growing rapidly.  It is because of the original founders, Firoz and Ferhan Patel (brothers), combined their skill-set that helped grow AlertPay to be the most flexible, secure and trusted online payment solution in the planet.

Opening an account is free.  There are certain fees apply to balance or credit card payments, depositing and withdrawing money and foreign exchange.  There are three types of opening an account in AlertPay: Personal starter, Personal Pro and Business.

To receive funds, Personal starter is free while Personal Pro and Business have a fee of 2.50% + $0.25 USD.  To send money is also free.  To withdraw money, using AlertPay Prepaid Card has a fee of $1.00 USD.  Using Bank Wire charges $15.00 USD while check is free. To deposit money, everything is free.  The currency conversion for foreign exchange charges 2.5%.

In using AlertPay, you have to make sure that you are not using a public computer like in cyber café to prevent hacking.  When there are times you receive any phishing e-mail stating you have to click the link, do not ever click any links for they will ask for your login details and they eventually record your password.  Your password in your AlertPay account should be different from the password of your e-mail.

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