Liberty Reserve

Liberty Reserve is an online payment processor which headquartered in Costa Rica since 2006.  You can store your funds in gold, Euro, or in US Dollars where you can transfer payments to others and receive payments from others.  It is the safest and most reliable payment system and you are assured of the confidentiality of your transactions.  They are already serving millions of people all around the world.

To use this payment processor, you need to create a Liberty Reserve account for registration.  In registering, you have to keep your password, PIN, account number and other important details in a safe place.

On the main menu, you can see Balances on your profile.  It shows your current Liberty Reserve (LR) Balance in USD or Euro.  At first, you have an empty balance for 0.00.  In order to fund your account, you need to buy LR from Liberty Reserve Trusted Exchanger.

You can use Transfer menu for transferring fund to another Liberty Reserve account.  Choose the currency you want to transfer.  Take note that if you have USD fund, you could not transfer the fund in EURO currency.

If you are worrying about the service or charging fees, then worry not.  The percentage of transaction fee is only 1%.  The minimum fee is only $0.01 and the maximum fee is only $2.99.  Liberty Reserve is also offering an optional privacy fee which other online payment processors aren’t.  If you want to transfer $100 it will only cost $1.00.  If you want to transfer $1000 and $10,000 it will only cost $2.99.  The prices of gold don’t even fluctuate.  What is so good about Liberty Reserve, it has no chargeback.

Just an advice for accessing Liberty Reserve account, email or trading account, it is really best to avoid using public computer in a cyber café to prevent hacking.  Never use the same password for your email, trading account and Liberty Reserve password.  Do not tell to anyone about your Batch transaction number, Liberty Reserve’s Account Name, and Account Number.

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