Perfect Money

Perfect Money is an online payment processor located in the Republic of Panama since 2008.  They have a virtual office in Zurich.  It was Andrew Draper who planned to create a money transfer service for a long time.  He is a member of the board of directors of one of the largest banks in Zurich that he wanted to create a system that would be used in business environments and by ordinary individuals for its convenience and instant transfers.

You can store your funds in US Dollar, Euro and Gold which all currencies can be exchanged in user account by the current rate.  USD, Euro and Gold are the three types of accounts in Perfect Money system.  The system also gives users a status.  The three types of statuses are Normal, Premium and Partner.

Normal is the status given all systems and users.  It does not have any restrictions for use.  Premium is the status given in a year or after achieving the turnover of funds in account.  A user may send a request for changing of status.  Partner is the status given by Perfect Money in sole discretion.  It is given for optimization of B2B payments execution by companies that have business in the internet.

Registration in Perfect Money is very simple because all you have to do is to designate your Name, City, Country, Postal code and E-mail.  You can choose the type of account either it’s for Personal or private individuals or Business for commercial organization.  After that you can create your password for the account.  After completing the form and sending it, you will be assigned an ID number or account number for the transaction and it is already sent to your e-mail.

For the deposit and withdrawal funds, there are three possible methods.  For Bank transfer with a minimum amount of 1000 USD, the request is considered within 24 hours by an operator.  It can also be done by Exchangers, partners of the payment system and other electronic payment systems.

Here are the fees for system use:

Main commissions

  • The annual service is 0%.
  • The internal transfers will be debited 5% from sender’s account.


  • There is a monthly charging of 7% interest rate on the remaining funds of your account.

Deposit 0,5%

  • Bank transfer is 0%.
  • E-payment system Pecunix charges 6%
  • Deposit using SMS also charges 2%


  • Bank wire charges 0.00% $50.00 + 1.5% (max $1000).
  • Pecunix charges 1.5%
  • Union Pay is 0.00%

The fees for the use of security instruments: informing by SMS charges 0.10% and $100 for Account Recovery.  There is also a monthly charge of 1% annual remaining balance of attracted user of the system,  Perfect Money.  If you are going to deposit funds via Pecunix, there is also a 6% charging fee.

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